Affiliate Marketing is when you market or advertise someone else’s product, and get a commission for every sale or sign-up that person or website receives.

This usually works by a company or person giving you a unique link to their website or product. When this link is used, your affiliate account gets a commission added. These commissions are usually a percentage of the sale, or a fixed commission that is set by the company you are advertising for.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for people to earn money online. Nowadays you don’t need an expensive website or a mobile application to make money, you can make a decent living by sending friends to products or services you think they will like.

There’s a lot of steps involved in the affiliate marketing process, and it varies between companies. These steps are usually split into 4 different parts as outlined below.

1. Generating your affiliate link.

This is the easiest step, you go to the companies affiliate page and sign up to get a unique affiliate id/website link that you can then pass on to your friends or put them up on your blog. This step usually takes a few seconds to happen. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are promoting products, you might need to make an affiliate link for each product that you are promoting, this is the case with sites such as

2. Send traffic to your affiliate link.

This step is actually one of the hardest steps, because you need to find people that are interested in the product or service that you are promoting. You can give out your affiliate link to your friends and family, but if they don’t like the product, they most likely won’t buy. This means that you will not get a commission and just sent them there to waste their time.

Oftentimes, this step involves targeting people based on their interests by either getting to know them, or getting information about them that will let you determine whether this person is most likely to go to the product you are promoting and actually buying. This step usually involves ads or talking to people and personally promoting this product.

3. Receiving a commission for a product or service bought using your affiliate link.

When I made my first affiliate sale, I jumped up with joy as I had earned my first few dollars. I remember the feeling of excitement as I checked my affiliate account and saw that there was one sale made using my link. Once you receive a commission, the company for which you are promoting will generally give you daily reports on your account and how much money you’ve earned through commission.

4. Getting paid for my commissions.

Once you’ve earned a few commissions, you might ask yourself, “OK, When do I get my commission paycheck?” Most companies have few rules and conditions that must be met before they send your commission check or direct deposit to a bank account.

The most important rule you should be aware of is the minimum earnings threshold that a lot of these companies have.

Minimum Earnings Threshold

This usually means that a minimum earnings threshold must be met before they cut you a check or direct deposit your money. An example of this is that you must earn a minimum of $100 before they’ll send you any money.

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